November 2017 meeting.

Thirty (+) members turned out for our regular meeting.  It was held in Persephone’s lobby as the workshop was in production mode for an upcoming play.

The Hub City Turners club formally established an education fund at the Nov 13th, 2018 meeting. Trent Watts moved that the club approve the Hub City Turners Education Fund Application as circulated to the membership, seconded by Mel Genge. After a brief discussion and some clarification the membership voted to approve the motion.  Members can now apply to the fund if you find an interesting course or symposium to attend.
You can click HERE to view the document.

Al Bakke brought a chainsaw sharpening file made by Stihl to explain what a great job it does of sharpening the chain rakers and cutters at the same time.  The Rental Store provided Al with 10% discount certificates if anyone wishes to purchase one of the files. The Rent-it Store can be found by clicking HERE.


Al Bakke brought his “One Brick Forge” to show our members how to use an inexpensive device to heat up metal for tempering and making tools. Al used a fire brick with a hole drilled in the center and pumped in propane from a small burner. Here are a few pictures of the setup.

Al demonstrated making a small hook tool using the forge.
Click HERE to see all the Demo pictures.

Show and Tell.

11 Members brought items to show and tell. Some brought along jigs and or stories of how things were made.  It seemed like a lot to put in this blog so you can check out the complete set of pictures for the evening by clicking HERE.


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Next Meeting Information.

Hi everyone. Paul has sent out an email to everyone discussing the proposal for our club to set up an Education Fund.  The draft outline of this proposal is available for our members to digest prior to the meeting.  A vote will be held on November 13 at our next meeting. Please be prepared to vote on the proposal at the meeting.  There will be a very limited number of printed copies available at the meeting so follow the link below if you don’t have a copy.
Link to DRAFT proposal: Education Fund Proposal.


Our demo at the meeting will be presented by Al Bakke. His unique combination of skills in wood turning, blacksmithing,  lapidary work, race car driving, motorcycle touring, along with a quirky, engaging personality  ensure a most interesting demonstration.

Al with a small sample of bowls from a hard days work.

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Save the date.

Here is your chance to purchase some great holiday swag for all your friends and family. Details for the annual SSWG show and sale below.

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