CHANGE in Meeting Date

Please note that the next meeting of HCT will be on:

October 17, 2016

The meeting date has changed due to holiday scheduling at Persephone Theater
Please tell your friends and spread the word.

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September Meeting.

Sixteen people showed up for the first Hub City Turners club meeting of the 2016 – 2017 season. We met at Rick and Michelle’s yard for an evening BBQ. The weather cooperated in that the rain stayed away, even if temperatures were in the 7 to 8 degree Celsius range. The lovely large back yard with lots of trees sheltered us, and the fire kept us warm.

After the BBQ, club members had the opportunity to talk about a turning lesson (or failure), and what they had learned from the mistake, or what had caused the turned vessel to fail, and then throw the piece in the fire if they so chose.

We had a couple of guests, Peter Christensen’s wife Marla (no stranger to ornate custom pen blanks) and dog Sophie also attended.

Club members had a good time and enjoyed taking a closer look at Ricks shop.

(Thanks to Paul Schroeder for the write-up and the pictures.)

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The bowl in the fire is one of Rick’s. It transitioned from a turning failure to a summer flower pot to the fire.


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Finger joint bowl.

HI everyone.. Remember that the Sept. meeting is coming closer. It will be another fun evening at Rick’s place. Bring a piece for the fire and some highly believable stories about what you did all summer.

If you have nothing to do prior to the meeting you could make a bowl like the one Frank Howarth makes in this video.  He does some of the best videos that I have seen on woodworking.
Click HERE for a YouTube video.


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