April Meeting 2019

What a great turnout with forty members and two guests coming for a fun and information packed evening. Paul opened the meeting with a discussion about where we will continue to meet. Persephone is getting very busy with show productions and may have us meet in the backstage theater. Paul will update us next meeting.

Jim Beebe discussed upcoming meeting demos and asked for help with the organizing. Gary and Earl agreed to help him. Jim then introduced a new tantalizing feature he calls “Get to Know Your Turner”. This will help to introduce in more detail some of the people in our club. One person will interview a member and we will all benefit from the information. Who will it be???? Don’t miss the next meeting to find out.

Show and Tell photos are visible by clicking HERE.

Gord Munn did a wonderful job of leading us through his techniques for transforming a growing tree into pieces suitable for turning. He started with great samples of tree sections with appropriate chainsaw cuts to show how to cut the tree down, dig out bark from inclusions and plan how you would proceed with cutting into turning blanks. Here are some photos of his presentation.
Thanks for a very informative demo Gord.

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Monday Meeting (April 15)

Just a heads up for anyone interested in viewing Elio’s new cutter design for hollow turning. Elio will be attending the Monday meeting and have a cutter with him to show how it works.

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Meeting Monday April 15

Good Afternoon Turners
Please be reminded of Mondays meeting at the Persephone Theatre Shop. Our agenda will include:
1. A talk by Gord Munn regarding “Found Wood”. Tree salvage/harvesting, curing and drying techniques.
2. We received a proposal from Simon Hiatt a reporter/producer with Shaw Spotlight (formerly Shaw TV) in Saskatoon. Occasionally they receive specific assignments for  features and he has been tasked with creating a short documentary without any words, just visuals and sounds. As he thought about the assignment, he remembered shooting a profile piece several years ago with one of our members, who used a lathe to create a beautiful bowl. He is thinking it would be cool to do something like that once again but with multiple cameras, slow motion, etc. 
Let’s discuss this; I think it sounds like a fun project.
3. Please remember to bring your recent work to show and discuss.
4. We have gift cards from Lee Valley for the draw; please bring other items if you wish.
See you Monday
Paul SchroederPresident – Hub City Turners

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