September 2017 meeting.

A huge big THANK YOU to Mel and Sharon for hosting our September meeting. Thirty-two members and two guests took part in the ‘wiener roast.

It has become somewhat of a tradition started by Rick Honjet and his wife a couple of years ago for the club to meet over a wiener roast and sacrifice failed pieces to the wood gods. The club supplies the food and pop. It is a great way to start another year of turning with HubCityTurners.

President Paul led a discussion about our 2108 turning symposium. More details will follow after some more information is gathered.

We had a great time listening to the stories behind the failed turnings and the reason why they were thrown into the fire.
Click HERE for pictures of the evening.

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Mark September 11 on your calendar.

Here we are at the beginning of September.  Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and is now ready to begin our next season of Hub City Turners.

Our next meeting will be at Mel and Sharon Genge’s back yard on Monday September 11 at 6:00. There will be hot dogs with all the trimmings and chips to eat.

Come to 516 Bedford Road for a great evening of fun, sharing stories and maybe some turning. It has become a tradition that anyone who wants to bring a failed turning can bring it to throw in the fireplace as a sacrifice to the turning gods.

This summer Parks Canada held Art in the Park at Greig Lake.  They gave us some swag that will be in the door prize box.   Here is a picture of two water bottles and a picnic blanket.

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Some Wood for you.

This is a stump from a Maple tree and is ready for removal.  There is a couple of small roots to cut that were left to put a chain under for removal.

If anyone is interested in this stump please contact:

Phil and Camille @ 306-665-8193

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