Update on making threads.

A discussion with Elio Menis, a HCT member from Lloydminster, reminded me that some of our members might like to make threads on their projects.  Threaded lids on small boxes can add a nice touch. Some people making Urns like to use a threaded top as well.  Elio pointed out a website in the UK that has an interesting approach to their threading jig. Click below for a link to their site. If you find another site that you think is helpful send me a note and I will add it to the links.
Send requests for other links to trentw@sasktel.net.



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Recent Turnings by 4 HCT members.

Four of our members stopped by my photo studio to have some of their recent work documented. Here is a sample of some of their work. You can look at more of their work by clicking on the link after their names.
Trent Watts.

Paul Schroeder. (HERE more pictures.)

Mel Genge. (HERE for more pictures.)

Gary Von Kuster. (HERE for more pictures.)

Earl Eidem. (HERE for more pictures.)

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January 2018 Meeting

Twenty-seven members milled about, chatting and exchanging stories until president Paul called the meeting to order.

Business included:
– a discussion about having vendors present at our symposium this summer. A committee of four will report back on the various issues if this is to happen.
– Frank Denny will purchase a full range of Abranet sandpaper, cut it into 3 ft. lengths and make it available for members. The first 10 people to contact Frank at fdenny@shaw.ca will get in on the deal.

DEMO by Duncan Birch

With typical Duncan humor we were treated to a working demo of how to make and use a “Rose Motor” or perhaps a “Lilac Motor”. For those who do not know of the turning movement for making a “Rose Engine” click HERE for one example. This is a picture of a “Rose Engine” of the complicated kind.

This is a picture of Duncan’s “Rose Motor” at a fraction of the cost of the real deal “Rose Engine”

Duncan did a great job of making the jig and explaining how it works.  He brought along a recent flask with one of the decorated medallions incorporated into each side.

For a full account of the demo click HERE.

You can view all of the pictures from the meeting by clicking HERE.

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