April 2017 Meetng

Notes from the meeting:

1.  33 people attended the April 10th meeting of Hub City Turners. President Paul Schroeder, discussed the AAW new members drive, where the AAW is offering a one year introductory membership for $30. There was good discussion; with existing members speaking to the value of the membership. Almost all 25 promotional pamphlets, were picked by potential new members.

2. Glen Friesen gave an update on the Matishio Cancer Research Fund Raiser weekend held at Waldheim. $5650 was raised for cancer research, and $330 was raised for Menno Industries. A big thank you to Glen for the work he puts into this event every year.

3. Cal Carter lead a demonstration,  on techniques he uses for ebonizing wood. Cal uses a household vinegar (5%) solution with steel wool to obtain his ebonizing solution. As the effect of the ebonizing, is driven largely by tannins in the wood, Cal at times uses a strong black tea solution, to add tannins to the wood prior to applying the ebonizing solution. The effect on the samples of oak and cherry that Cal demoed on was very dramatic. One of the interesting results of this method, is that more grain detail is retained, than with using a black leather dye, to “ebonize” the wood.

Thanks Cal, we now have another technique to try.

Click HERE for pictures of the meeting. Thanks Paul for providing the write-up and pictures.

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Recent work.

We held a photo session today to document recent work by some of our members.  If you want your work to appear here please contact Trent Watts at: trentw@sasktel.net and arrange for a photo session.


Three candle holders made by Paul Schroeder.

Salad bowl made by Leo Fritz from Caragana wood supplied by Cal Isaacson. This is a ‘tour de force’ with 118 pieces assembled with the great skill and precision that Leo is known for.

This small shallow dish was made by Duncan Birch from scrap pieces of wood that he had left over from other projects.  Nothing scrapy about this piece.

Trent turned some handles for Espresso tampers while at the Waldheim turning weekend.  Thanks to Alex he was able to get them marbled.  The walnut ladle is about 2.5 inches in diameter.


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More Matisho 2017

The whirlwind of the Matisho Memorial on Saturday with upwards of 50 people turning, carving, painting, watching and, visiting settled into a more zen state on Sunday.  Perhaps 20 members continued the fun of creative exploration and finished off much of what had been started on Saturday. The fund raising aspect of the event was highly successful with over $5,500 raised for cancer research.  A few pictures of finished projects are included below. You can click HERE to view all the pictures from the event.



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