Bear fat or Crisco Oil??

Mel Genge had an interesting call the other day. Here is the story as Mel told it to me with an explanation of the “Stick Pull” game by Lamarr Oksasikewiyin.

Lamarr, is a teacher with special skills in teaching traditional indigenous games to students in a number of schools. Last year Lamarr had seen Mel turning spin tops at the Sun Dog turner’s demo and approached Mel about making some spin tops. This memory stuck with Lamarr and so when he needed around 60 sticks  he contacted Mel, his “go to guy for turning”. Mel agreed to make the sticks for Lamarr and contributed to the important task of keeping traditional indigenous games alive. Mel makes the sticks 12” long, 1½” at the centre and tapered from the centre to ¾ at each end with a burnt line at the centre.

Here is an explanation by Lamarr of the essence of the “Stick Pull Game”.

Stick pull is played with 2 players, one greased stick and opponents standing side by side.

Both players must grip with one hand at the centre of the pull stick, competitors begin to pull on signal, “12,3, Pull”

There is no twisting, jerking or sideways movement allowed, just a clean pull. Traditionally the stick is greased with bear grease but now days we use crisco oil. The Dene people played this game to test strength, endurance and to keep their hands strong for fishing season.

Lamarr Oksasikewiyin

Maybe Mel will bring one and we can have a competition at the next HCT meeting!! Does anyone have bear fat to bring?

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Equipment for Sale.

This message is from Paul Shcroeder for members to have a look at.

As mentioned at the Monday club meeting, the family of long time Saskatoon Woodworker, Ralph Reid, is looking to sell his Equipment and wood inventory. The Saskatchewan Woodworkers Guild is assisting them with the general wood working equipment, and Hub City Turners is assisting with the wood turning equipment. The family first wants to sell equipment and then deal with selling the wood inventory, at a later date.

Mel Genge, Gary von Kuster, and I, met Ralph’s son John this morning, to look at the wood turning equipment. We tried to come up with what we thought would be fair pricing,  to both buyer and seller.

Inventory – Ralph Reid Wood Turning Equipment

1. General 260 lathe, with extension, and outboard, variable speed (no reverse), 10 inch swing (20 inch maximum diameter between centers), distance between centers approximately 8ft. The lathe has two banjos, as well as  a double post tool rest. We estimated the value at approx $2,500 to $3,000.

2. Six inch delta grinder and Oneway wolverine sharpening jig. There are several attachments for the jig. They are still looking for the long sliding attachment for sharpening gouges. The value here is in the wolverine jig. Estimated value $125

3. Stronghold chuck, and three sets of jaws, plus jumbo jaws. Estimated value $300

4. Three Record Sheffield /England scrapers, approximately 1.25 inches wide.

Estimated value $50.00 each

5. Heavy handle (possibly an early Hosaluk handle) and bowl gouge. Estimated value $75.

There are other small tools and homemade tools. If you are interested in any of these items please contact Ralph’s son John, at  or phone 306-260-0556

Paul Schroeder

President – Hub City Turners

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Meeting October 2018.

It was a delight to have 5 new members make up some of the thirty people who attended our October meeting.

Things you should know.

1. Duncan presented our financial statement. Members agreed that we should use some of the money to bring in instructors for weekend turning events. Members are encouraged to forward names of demonstrators they would like to see.

2. The club agreed to pay Duncan for the materials used to make the paddles for Breast Cancer.

3. Paul is stepping down as president. There was general interest in forming a group of people who would share the work load and make the job easier for the president.

4. You will not have to fight hard to become the next president.

Demo by Jim Beebe.

Jim did a fantastic job of showing us the method he uses to made a segmented turning. He chose an ornament to demonstrate the principles.  If you want to obtain a copy of Jim’s notes you can click HERE. Another useful link would be the source that Jim uses for obtaining the plastic angle jigs. For the Seg-Easy website click HERE.
Here is a pictorial essay demonstrating some of Jim’s acumen.


Show and Tell.
11 people brought items for Show and Tell. You can see the images by clicking HERE.

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