Food Bank Funds

A host of club members showed up at Mike and Marilyn Hosaluk’s shop last Tues. evening. How many is a ‘host’ you ask?? Well, no formal count on my part, however it was enough people to generate $470 which is matched by Nutrien. A total of $940 has been donated to the Saskatoon Food Bank. A big thank you to Mike and Marilyn for hosting and members for donating to this worthy cause.
We look forward to all the creations that will be made from the chunks of wood won in the door prize draw.

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A Testing Post

Some of you are aware that the plugin for sending an email to notify you of a new post has been giving me problems. The company that makes the plugin feels all the settings are correct. It would help me troubleshoot the problem if you:

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December 2018 Meeting

What an exciting meeting to be part of. Thirty-four members and two guests milled about, visiting and chatting about turning. Twenty-one individuals responded to Jim Beebe’s suggestion that we bring a Christmas ornament to the meeting and tell the story behind it.

Thanks Jim for organizing the demonstrations at our meetings and the idea for this fun event.

After a brief business meeting to discuss the purchase of Gord Smith’s lathe for continued use at our meetings it was decided to go ahead and make the purchase.  The sentiment was that this decision does not preclude the purchase of a more substantial lathe at some point in the future.
The meeting continued with members who brought items coming forward, showing the items and telling the story.

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