April meeting

Twenty-two members attended the April meeting. Paul led a short discussion on upcoming events. Be sure to:


  1. Let Deb know if you are going to her place May 12-15. Her email is stoppingplace@yourlink.ca    More information here.

  2. Plan your life around Shell Lake. More information here.

  3.  Register for the Regina Symposium if you want the early rate. More information here.

  4. Check your email for information on the club auction. Send Mel Genge (mgg@shaw.ca) an email with your updated bid for one or both bowls.

  5. Check out some photos of the “Show and Tell” HERE.


Trent brought some pieces he had made with various types of carved feet. He used these to  lead a discussion on how to plan for and create these feet.  He starts by turning rings on a turned vessel with the purpose of carving away portions and using the remainder for a foot. Some important points to remember.

1. Draw some sketches to plan where the feet will be.
2. Use a profile gauge to help asses your progress as you turn away unwanted wood.
3. Check the depth of the vessel to avoid creating a “bird house”.
4. As you remove the unwanted wood continually observe the surrounding profile to     be sure you are “fairing the curve”.
4. Various saws, cutters, carving tools, rasps and sanding are used to finish the feet.

Click here for some pictures of the demo.

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