Deb McLeod’s turning weekend, 2019.

Thanks to Duncan Birch for this account of our weekend.

May 2 saw the annual pilgrimage to Deb’s turning event at her home in the Ruthilda area, west of Biggar. For those not familiar with this event it is hosted by Deb each spring for the last several years. Some of us go for the …..I guess I might as well be honest, we go for the food. We also share our talents (some have more than others) and do some turning. We are always joined by some carvers and some ardent turners even try their hand at carving. Joanne first appeared a few years ago at the Shell Lake event and has been an asset to our club ever since. She spent her time carving a most intricate piece we may ever see. She arrived Jeep and all Thursday afternoon without Charlie. Charlie has also been a regular for a few years now, so he was missed by all. Charlie lives with Joanne west of Edmonton. Elio was there from Lloydminster and spent some of his time mastering the art of turning pepper mills. An interesting aside here, you can buy ground pepper. From Melfort we had Al and his wife. Al is a carver/turner who aides turners who are bent on carving the face of Ruth Hilda. Getting her eyes open was the big challenge. It also opened some others eyes as well. Mary arrived, camper in tow and was the last one to quit on Sunday. Mary’s determination is second to none. Giving up is not in her vocabulary. The rest of us Trent, Mel, Paul, Earl E, Deb and Duncan turned and learned from watching and listening to others. We also listened to stuff that had nothing to do with the art of turning/carving. The worlds problems were not solved, but at least solutions were offered. Deb is an excellent host and feeds us so well we aren’t sure we want to come home. The weather was not what it might have been but it was warm in the shop and everyone enjoyed themselves. It is so encouraging to be able to ask for and except help and ideas from those with more experience. Our next event will be the annual Shell Lake turnfest. So keep making round things and don’t forget the club is open to new ideas and answers to questions that haven’t yet been asked. It is your club. Everyone is encouraged to participate to best of their ability. So ’till next time……….
P.S. Charlie is Joannes’s dog.

Trent’s pictures of the event follow.

Deb and Ian live in a particularly beautiful area with rolling hills, sloughs and native prairie grasses.

Working in the well equipped shop.

As Duncan explained we do spend a lot of time eating and solving world problems.

This next section begins with a person and the work they created over the weekend.

Al Jardine

Deb McLeod

Duncan Birch

Earl Eidem

Elio Menis

Joanne Sauvageau

Mary Dykhuizen

Mel Genge

Paul Schroeder

Georgia Jardine joined us to work on calligraphy and also did yoemans service to help feed all of us.

Trent Watts has been working on a face carved into a bowl he turned. Al Jardine is a superb teacher and carver and helped make “Ruth Hilda” come to life.

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