Deb’s Turning Weekend 2018

What an amazing weekend for the thirteen people (and Charlie the dog) who were fortunate enough to come to Deb and Ian’s for our annual turning weekend.

The plus twenty temperatures removed the three foot high snowbanks around Deb’s house, caused an explosion of crocuses on the hill above the house, expunged the need for motor home heating, allowed opening of garage doors in the turning area, brought in some migrant birds for Trent to obsess about and warmed the weekend.  Thanks Deb and Ian for ordering up real summer weather.

The group had great fun at Mel’s expense offering all kinds of advice on how to deal with his sore foot.  There was speculation that the consumption of white wine had caused his gout to flare up. Al provided the perfect solution with a specialized walking cane fashioned out of a suitable offering from the forest floor.  With the skill of a real carver, Al scooped out a ‘red wine only’ cup, created a comfortable fit for the hand and passed the ‘cane’ around for others to decorate.

Our time together in the workshop was valuable for sharing techniques and design suggestions.  At predictable intervals our work was punctuated with spectacular food, homemade pies and buns and great conversation.  This is definitely a weekend to keep in your plans for next year.

Elio brought along a new thread making jig that he has perfected over the last month or so. His years of making treads on a metal lathe gave him a great depth of knowledge for troubleshooting any problems which might arise during the thread-making process.  Thanks Elio for helping us understand what we need for making great threads in wood.

Al Jardine tried the jig and immediately became hooked on the idea and spent time perfecting his technique. Rumor has it that he may now be the proud owner of an Elio Threadmaking Jig.

Elio’s Demo boxes.

Al Jardine’s lidded box.

Hollow turning using a camera and TV to guide the cutter was a big hit and occupied Trent and Paul for some time.  This system has been perfected elsewhere but was brought to life locally with Elio’s expertise in machining and building jigs for others to use.

Paul Schroeder’s Hollow turned vessel with decoration by Joanne. Trent’s spherical hollow turning to test the full range of hollow turning using the TV jig. This is a work in progress and will be presented at a future meeting.

You are indeed a treasured resource Elio. Thanks so much for all you do for our club and many others as well.

Some of the most intricate and interesting work was presented by Joanne Sauvageau in her two ‘sea themed’ pieces.  Her interest in  diving and respect and admiration for the Octopus species is evident in this piece.
The carving and decorating on this vase provides an immediate connection to  sea shells and sea life.

Jeff Mansfield was present for his first ‘Deb’s Turning Weekend’.  He produced some great new work using beautiful wood and expressed appreciation for the camaraderie of the weekend.

Jeff’s Maple bowl.
Jeff’s hollow turned vessel.
Jeff’s Cherry Bowl.

Deb was busy working on feeding and accommodating everyone but did manage to produce some of her beautiful jewellery.

Glen was working on a number of projects but had to leave for a day so I was not able to get pictures of his work.  Thanks so much Glen for all your helpful suggestions around design and artistic expression.

We enjoyed our conversations with Bill and seeing his expertise flying his drone over the house and yard and catching bird’s eye views of the area.

We owe a big thank you to Deb for such a great job in hosting us and Sharon and Georgia for all the help they gave in the kitchen to feed and look after us.

You can see pictures of the items created during the weekend by clicking HERE.
If you want to see some of the birds around Deb’s place click HERE for Trent’s blog.

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