December 2016 meeting.

24 club members attended the December 12 meeting of Hub City Turners, as well three new members joined the club, for a total of 27 attendees. There was good discussion around the use of the Persephone facility for a 2018 Symposium. The club decided on a format with fewer demonstrators with more in depth presentations.

Deb will look for demonstrators with this approach in mind. We will plan for the use of the Persephone facility, while holding out the option of pursuing the use of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic facility (Ontario avenue), one more time in the fall of 2017.

About 15 members expressed interest in attending a “hands on” Saturday – Sunday) event at the Persephone shop on the Feb 4th – 5th, 2017 weekend.

DEMONSTRATION: Mel Genge demonstrated the creation of an inside out icicle Christmas ornament. Mel’s tool control is excellent, and he created a wonderful ornament, which was entered into the draw event. Trent took pictures of Mel’s demo before the event as he was not able to be at the meeting. You can see some process shots of Mel’s demo HERE.

Lawrence: Christmas Ornament made at Trent’s turning class at Lee Valley Tools. The base is made of Manitoba Maple (box elder) Burl.

John: Birch Burl bowl, with a walnut top. The Birch burl was a piece of wood from Novembers draw.

Frank: Manitoba Maple bowl. Lumber harvested from his neighbors yard about two years ago. Bees wax finish.

Richard: Pepper mills in Elm, and Ash. Ash mills were finished in dye and then polished with Shell wax friction polish which lifted the dye from the surface, but left the dye in the pores of the ash.

Peter: LED shop lights that he ordered from China. Longyung LED LightingĀ  Co. Ltd. Lights are CSA certified; Peter is willing to help organize a club purchase if there is interest.

Deb: Tree salvage vase, from lumber a lady at a show gave her. Deb thinks the tree may have been an Ornamental Cherry.

Dave: a series of bowls. Choke Cherry, Manitoba Maple with copper powder infill and air brush dye painting, Curly Maple dyed with air brush painting.

Alex Downing (new member): her pen was a compilation of a series of woods, finished to 12,000 grit mesh

Rick: dyed and spray painted birch log

Mel: Christmas ornaments, several in banksia pod, and several from maple, black shoe dyed finials.

Earl: says he he has become fixated on what he calls a “vortex” shape. Calls the one bowl his black hole bowl, with one black hole swallowing another. The inspiration for the black hole, was recent science discovery of black holes being swallowed by other black holes. Bread knife, and a Paduk bowl

Paul. Spalted birch bowl, harvested from Lawrence Pintners in October. Christmas ornament, body from a branch of elm trimmed from backyard, and great project to challenge and improve your tool control.

Paul Schroeder
President – Hub City Turners

Thanks to Earl Eidem for recording the evening in pictures. Check them out HERE.

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