Club Turning Weekend Feb. 2017

A big THANK YOU to Roger Lantz and Persephone Theatre for opening their doors to Hub City Turners for a February turning weekend.  Even though their workshop was busy with Persephone projects we had access to enough space to accommodate about 25 lathes and turners. We appreciate the good humor of the workers who shared their space with us. Some people began setting up late Friday afternoon for an 8:00 start on Saturday. President Paul had arranged to borrow 5 lathes from Lee Valley’s teaching resources to ensure people without a lathe could come and learn new skills. THANK YOU PAUL AND LEE VALLEY. (Click HERE for a link to L.V). It was a bit of a blur watching everyone move equipment into place.

Setting up was a blur of activity.

Can you turn that fast?

By Saturday afternoon 25 turners had gathered to experience a stimulating weekend of sharing, turning personal projects, watching planned demonstrations, formal and informal teaching moments, eating, talking and laughing.

With another 10 people coming and going over the 2 days we had about 35 people experience this turning get-together. It was a real pleasure to see everyone engage so completely in such a joyous weekend of learning and creating.

Check out more pictures HERE.