February 2017 meeting.

Thirty enthusiastic turners gathered for the Feb. meeting. Many of the regulars brought pieces for show and tell and one visitor came to check out the club after taking a class from Deb McLeod.

Dave Dunkley performed a miracle with some fluid and copper powder, turning it into a paste suitable for filling voids in a turning. In Dave’s hands this looks like a simple fix for even large voids in a burl. Thanks Dave for sharing this technique.


Show and tell is always an interesting event. New and returning members brought a variety of projects. Often the story behind the turning really helps to explain why the piece was made and what journey occurred along the way.

Two examples are featured here:

This ‘double bowl in a burl’ was made from a piece that Dean won at the draw in January.  This piece of wood pushed Dean and his lathe to new heights of adventure as the off balance nature of the piece induced a wild ‘dance of the lathe’ and threatened to remove wayward digits that strayed into the spinning mass.


Leo’s masterpiece cribbage board was a tour-de-force with a seemingly impossible construction process involving a bearing from an old skidoo, over 300 meticulously positioned holes and walnut inlay strips that defy logic as to how someone can actually accomplish the impossible.



See more pictures HERE.

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