Get Ready for Matisho.

Glen Friesen has prepared a schedule for those who want to know more detail of what is happening at the Matisho Memorial Turning Weekend March 16-18.

 Friday March 16: 4:00-6:00 PM
Come and setup for your own station and help with overall setup.

Saturday March 17:
Sign In: Make sure all that legal paperwork is filled out
Set up if you missed Fri.
Coffee will be on and if you want to bring some “breakfast” go ahead

        10:00 – Coffee Break and pop from Glen.

        10: 15 – First Demonstration
Trent Watts: Form and Design in Turning

        11:00 – King KWL 1218:   Unboxing and features

        12:00 – Lunch: Bring your own or use local restaurants:
The Sandyanna, Departures, Co-Op gas station, or Waldheim Fine Foods

        1:00 – Second Demonstration
Elio Menes: Threaded-Lidded Box

         2:30 – Laguna 24|36: Features and demonstration

         3:00 – Coffee Break

         3:20 – Third Demonstration:
Alex Funk: Marbling

         4:45 – Prepare for Supper (Supplied by the Friesen family)

         5:00 – Supper
Collection for Menno Industries Thank yous, Information,
Clean up and Wash Dishes

          5: 45 – Silent Auction:
A final chance to outbid your friends for the silent auction items

          6: 15– 6:30 – Closing off the Silent Auction

          6:30 – Clean up your lathe and tools

Sunday March 18
9:00 AM: We begin again with coffee, etc.

          10:00 – Final Demonstration
Mel Genge: Turning a Pepper Mill

           11:00 – Turn, Share, Visit

           12:00 – Lunch:Left-overs from Saturday will be available

           1:00 – Turn, Share, Visit

           3:00 – Coffee
Reflect on the weekend activities
Plans for the future
Instructor Insurance Discussion

            3:30 – Clean up, Load up and leave for home

You can read all about the event HERE:

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