Get your entries in.

Just a reminder to be sure and get your entries in to the Saskatoon Exhibition before July 26.

The entry requirements are minimal and can be found here:

Earl Eidem has supplied the following information:

  1. We require 10 items to have a monetary prize in the woodworking/woodturning category.  We want Woodturning as a separate category so request each member to enter a finished piece and we will easily meet our minimum of 10 pieces.
  2. Judges: Deb McLeod, Duncan Birch and Earl Eidem.
  3. Drop Off:
    1. July 26th between 1 and 7 pm at Hall C, Prairie Land Park.
    2. Anytime at one of
    3. i)  Wool Emporium #12   2605 Broadway Ave, in Saskatoon.  (in the Avalon Shopping Centre)
    4. ii)  Eidem residence  726 Sask. Cres. East, S7N 0L2  Call before arriving   306 934-5860
  4. Pick up:  Hall A at Prairie Land Park between 1 – 7 pm  or anytime following the show at either the Wool Emporium or the Eidem residence.
  5. Basically the rules to enter amount to the piece cannot have been previously shown at the Saskatoon EX and it must have been made in the past 12 months.
  6. Remember to enter before July 27th at 6 pm.
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