January 2017 Meeting.

An enthusiastic group of thirty-four members attended our January meeting.

Paul opened the meeting with a brief overview of club business and Deb gave an update on the plans for the 2018 symposium.

Richard Pratchler gave an informative demonstration of his off-center chuck. His explanation of the process and the importance of methodical technique helped audience members to understand the complexity of creating spiral shapes on the lathe.

Check out some pictures of the demo HERE.

Numerous “Show and Tell” items showing a wide diversity of woods, colors, forms and interests were on display.

Gary showed:
1. A spalted wood bowl made from a blank won at the last meeting.

2. Gary calls this “The World’s Ugliest Bowl”.

Cal showed three items:
1. Choke Cherry bowl

2. A triangular bowl

3. A nifty crochet hook handle with a removable insert to suit different purposes. The handle is made from brown mallee


1. A unique solution to an age old problem of accidentally turning through the bottom of a bowl. Dean created an offset turning and fastened it to the base of the bowl for a delightful and intriguing solution.

2. An Ash bowl with a carved and burnt edge.

3. A beautiful Manitoba Maple natural edge bowl.

Made a Christmas bowl out of Silver Willow for his wife and used Wood Essence Dyes to turn it red.

1. A “Harley Bowl” made from Birch and dyed with Keda dyes.

2. A Christmas bowl dyed using Frog Tape to mask off un-dyed areas.

3. Lidded Box of Mountain Ash.

4. Spalted Birch Vase with Cherry Ends. This Birch was extremely spalted to the point of near crumbling with rot when handled. Rick (with a large smile on his face) claimed to have used a very unique technique to harden the wood.

This project had a long birthing process. It began as a bowl and after many iterations it ended up as a bird house.

Turned a Salt and Pepper grinder set using ceramic inserts from Lee Valley. Mel uses Walnut and Maple laminates to creatively identify a lighter and darker grinder for salt and pepper. Mel also described how salt can turn very hard and create problems with the grinding mechanism if not used regularly.

Made some wooden “Needles” out of Walnut used for making felted animals.

Two Manitoba Maple bowls with amazing red highlights. The smaller bowl was cored from the larger one.

1. A Maple Burl winged bowl made from a tree at his cottage that had to be removed.

2. “Landscape Platter” made from Walnut, Cherry, and Padauk.)

3. A long stemmed natural edged vessel made from “Sand Birch”. Jim explained how wonderful this wood is to turn.

A new member of our club, Mike showed a Walnut pepper mill.

Made two coffee grinders, one of Elm and one from Ash. He made a small cup to put under the grinder to collect the coffee.


1. Lidded bowl with carved, pierced and decorated top. Deb explained how she was dealing with a top that kept changing shape. It is made with Bird’s Eye and spalted Birch.

2. Tea light vase with carved top, painted and decorated. Deb made this in response to people asking “what can I use that for”. She responded by putting a battery operated “tea light” inside.

1. A large birch bowl with handles made from a piece of wood that Rick helped Trent to obtain. Trent explained how these are made from rough turned blanks that have gone oval in the drying process.

2. This small vessel was given to Trent by Rick with the outside surface sand blasted. Trent finished turning and painted it with acrylic paint.

3. This goblet with captured rings is made from Ash and was presented to show what will be taught in a class at Lee Valley.

A Green Ash bowl dyed with Blue.

You can see all of the show and tell HERE.

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