January 2018 Meeting.

Good Morning,

Now that the cold chill is a bit reduced, I hope everyone is having a Happy New Year.

The way the calendar falls this month, our meeting is the earliest in the month, that it can be.  This month Duncan will be demoing his “rose motor”; not a full rose engine. I think this should be great demo. A rose motor or rose engine allows for detailed decorative work, typically on the face or lid of a turned item.

For draw items we again have Lee Valley gift cards, and we have a set of soft cushioned “jaws” for turning round objects, donated by Mike Hosaluk.

For business items, we should likely discuss/explore options for sponsorship of our July Symposium. I was at Great Western Saw yesterday, and they are certainly open to supporting the event. As well Paul Omilon, has given me the name of a business in Regina, willing to support the symposium. On the topic of the symposium, we should also look at adding our event to the AAW calendar of events.

On a personal note: I am looking for a chunk of Manchurian elm log, in about the 10 inch diameter, and 18 inch length. I am wanting to power carve a bread bowl.

See you Monday,

Paul Schroeder

President – Hub City Turners

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