January 2019 Meeting.

Two guest were among the 28 people attending the January meeting. There was a feeling of community and friendship as people chatted about their events since the last meeting. Paul asked Trent to give an overview of the Matisho Memorial turning weekend. We were all saddened to learn that Glen Friesen has been very sick and will not be able to organize the event as he has for so many years. The group agreed that we will continue to hold the event for anyone interested in attending. There will still be a fundraising portion whereby attendees are asked to donate to the Cancer Society. ($50 suggested). Bring what you have to work with as there will not be a large selection of lathes and other tools as in past years. Carvers, painters, turners, interested guests are all welcome. Spontaneous demonstrations will still happen so don’t hesitate to come even if you don’t bring a lathe. More information will be available soon.

Trent did a demonstration of how to turn a scoop prior to the break. You can see a slide show of the demonstration by clicking HERE.

Show and Tell was another highlight with 11 people sharing their pieces with the group.

I’m really sorry but I missed getting a close up photograph of your work Ken.

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