Last day of Regina Symposium.

A huge “THANK YOU” to the South Saskatchewan Woodturners Guild for the exceptional job of organizing the “Saskatchewan Woodturning Symposium”. Without exception everyone I spoke with agreed that the event was a great success. Just for starters here is my estimation:

                                    Score     10/10

Involving Slate Gallery            √
Venue                                          √
Food                                            √
Presenters                                  √
Organization                              √
Auction                                        √

We also want to acknowledge the superb work of all the presenters. We really appreciate the amount of preparation and energy it takes to do such a great job of demonstrating.

Paul Omilon, Chris Nakoneshny, Jacques Vesery,J.Paul Fennell,Cam Merkle,David Ellsworth,Bernie Bober

Paul Omilon, Chris Nakoneshny, Jacques Vesery,J.Paul Fennell,Cam Merkle,David Ellsworth,Bernie Bober

Come back over the next few days to check out more details and pictures of the event.

Day 2.

What to see?? What to see??? That was the common angst as we approached the 8:00 am. beginning of four simultaneous demonstrations.

Chris Nakoneshny on Lidded boxes.Chris getting ready for box making demo.

David Ellsworth on Natural Edge Bowls.
Paul Fennell on Hollow Forms.
Cam Merkle on Convincing Textures.
Everyone soon settled into watching a chosen demo while absorbing as much information as possible. Notebooks and smart phones were in abundance as participants recorded important points for use later on in their own shops.

I attended the session on turning a natural edge bowl. David’s mastery of his deep fluted gouge and detailed explanations of each stage of his cuts was a testament to his years of turning and teaching.

For some pictures of his process click HERE.

The second rotation of the morning featured:

Bernie Bober doing deep hollow turning.


Chris Nakoneshny on coring Bowls.


Paul Fennell on Layout and Embellishing.


Jacques Vesery on Forms.


Jacques presented the best session I have ever experienced on the importance of form in our work and exercises to help us improve our eye and muscle memory. He began with a slide show and highlighted two books that he has found helpful.

_TCW7850 _TCW7851He then turned 5 similar forms, painted them black to remove the effect of wood grain and had members of the audience discuss which ones were more appealing and why.

_TCW7859For a final exercise he handed out paper and scissors and encouraged participants to cut out a vase like shape on folded paper. What a great, inexpensive, portable way to train your eyes and hands.


Thanks Jacques for a most informative session.

For more pictures on Jacques presentation click HERE.

You can see pictures from the whole day including morning sessions, lunch, afternoon sessions and supper. I have also added the pictures from the auction HERE.

 Day 1

WOW.. The organizing committee from the South Saskatchewan Woodturners Guild did a fantastic job of kicking off Symposium 2016. A welcome addition to the symposium was an art exhibit held at the Slate Gallery. (Click HERE for the Slate Gallery Website). Owners Gina Fafard and Kimberley Fyfe do a wonderful job of exhibiting the work of local and international artists.

Gina Fafard and Kimberly Fyfe

In conjunction with the Woodturning Symposium Gina and Kimberley put together a show featuring the work of a number of wood artists, including many of the demonstrators featured at the symposium.

See some pictures of the gallery opening HERE.

Registering for the conference was handled with apparent ease, indicating to me that the organizing committee had spend a few sleepless nights thinking of all the details.

_TCW7808Conference T-shirts were available for $20.00

_TCW7817The Regina Trade and Skills Center is a superb venue for holding this event. It has large open rooms with lots of light and a layout that enables ease of moving from one demonstrator to another.

_TCW7820An instant gallery was available for anyone registered for the conference. The conference instructors also had a number of pieces on display.

_TCW7811For a look at pictures of the Wine and Cheese reception and the registration evening click HERE.

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