Matisho 2019 is over

Hello Everyone,

Well Matisho 2019 is over.  I would really like to thank Duncan, Mel and Trent for taking care of the bulk of the organizing this year.  While attendance was down, I thought that we did really well on the donation side of the event.  I think that with the people who donated on line to the Cancer Society, we are very close to the $2000.00 mark.  This is excellent considering there were only about 15 people in attendance.  Thanks to everyone who donated this year.  When the hat was passed around for a donation to Menno Industries, people were equally generous.  We raised $220.00 for them.  A big thank you to all who gave generously this year.
Glen Friesen.

Cal Isaacson from the Saskatchewan Woodworkers Guild is always reliable for pictures of an event. A big thank you to Cal for the following photos.

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