Meeting April 8, 2018

Reports of a spring snow-bird migration were confirmed with the sighting of at least three recently returned individuals, all identified as members of the ‘Lignophile hubcityencis’ species. Along with approximately twenty local residents of the same species the group gathered in the main stage of Persephone Theatre to hear songs from the leader regarding a gathering of a larger group in the summer.

OK.. Enough from the bird lover. I just couldn’t resist.

Paul updated everyone on the upcoming July symposium:
60 plus members have signed up
6-8 people have indicated an interest in the merchant area
The caterer has been booked
Billets are needed for Steven and Molly
Please contact Deb if you can provide a billet

Jeff brought some plans for making a Pop-up Toothpick Dispenser as someone had asked about getting a copy a number of months ago. Contact me ( if you would like a set of plans  and I will forward your request to Jeff .

Paul showed the group two texturing techniques using a chatter tool and a Sorby spiraling wheel. Thanks Paul for an informative presentation.

Thanks to Mel for showing how to turn and decorate a spin top using a chatter tool and colored markers.

Mel brought two spin tops from his personal  collection of wood art to show different kinds of chatter work. The first one is from Bonnie Klein and incorporates a threaded spindle which when removed reveals another small spin top.   The other is from Andrew Glazebrook. The workmanship is impeccable in both of these tops.

Bonnie Klein

Andrew Glazebrook

Duncan had a great idea to give a Lee Valley gift card to Glen for all the hard work he does to promote the “Turn for Cancer Weekend” at Waldheim.

Photos of the whole evening, including show and tell can be found by clicking HERE.

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