Meeting January 2020

President Don Buck opened the meeting with a delightful rant encouraging all present to appreciate everything we have. In light of the current events of the last week Saskatchewan has many things to offer. Has anyone been bitten by a mosquito lately?
Is your yard and house on fire?
Where is the nearest volcano that is erupting?
Yes it is cold but that is why we have toques and mitts!!

Jim Beebe gave us an update on the program committee’s activities and the show at Gallery on the Green at Market Mall later this spring.


Trent Watts brought a hollow turned vase made from a Yew log given to him by Gord Munn.

Deb McLeod brought two Mountain Ash lidded vases for the local hospital fundraiser. Her third piece is a small hollow turning with decorations. She wrapped the last piece in saran wrap to prevent cracking during inside hollowing.

Edwin Cook made a glue up of Pine and Mahogany and finished it with salad bowl wax. Sorry Edwin but I missed taking a picture of your bowl.

Gord Munn brought a Box Elder Burl bowl, a natural edge Yellow Cedar Burl vessel and another Yellow Cedar Burl vessel that picked a fight with Gord. He eventually won the battle and wrestled the bowl into submission.

Richard Pratchler had two Box Elder Burl bowls as a nested set and finished with “Tried and True” finish.

A Weeping Birch vase was wet turned and soaked in mineral oil to help stabilize the wood. This piece was decorated with a rain drop motif as if the rain was coming at an angle.

Richard’s last piece was a bowl made from Weeping Birch and used the mineral oil treatment as well.

Cal Carter made some interesting Maple vases with a zippered insert in one and a boot lace up in the other. One was finished with Wipe-on Poly and the other with water-based poly.

Mel told us an unbelievable story of coincidence when he and Duncan were golfing one day and brought home a piece of wood found in the rough (no mention of why he was in the rough!!) When he started turning the wood someone must have had an enormous drive and blasted two golf balls into the wood. With Mel’s expertise in turning and story telling he ended up with his entry for “Gallery on the Green”.

Paul Schroeder turned an angel complete with wings. The body is blue dyed Green Ash and the wings are Bird’s Eye Maple.

Paul’s two other bowls are of Big Leaf maple and Burr Oak.


Trent Watts did a demo on leaving a ring of wood on various places in a turning and then carving away some of the ring to reveal feet, text, decorations or other features.

Here are some examples including bowls with feet and a bowl with handles.

A big thank you to Gary vonKuster for setting up his camera to show the demo on a TV screen for the audience to get a better look. He recorded the video as well and I have put it on the HCT YouTube channel.

The link for the video is HERE.

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