Meeting May 2017.

Twenty-seven members and one guest attended the May meeting.

Paul presented a small amount of business for discussuon and then members had a chance to show their recent work and discuss problems and successes in their turning. There were a number of pieces presented that had been made at Deb’s turning weekend. It was fun to see the work of people who had been fighting inside their personal ‘creative box’ to force the box boundaries a little wider.

A ton of items were brought for the door prize draw so lots of people scored a piece of wood for a future project.


Show and Tell

Duncan Birch
– Bowl with dowels in rim.  Dowel sizes did not fit the hole properly so Duncan turned his own dowels.

Cal Carter
-2 Poplar bowls finished with wipe on poly.

Dave Jesney
-A Buffalo Berry wood bowl made from a blank donated by Jim Beebe at a previous meeting.  Dave wanted everyone to feel the white sap wood rim as it had an interesting soft texture.

Mel Genge
-showed a Big Leaf Maple Bowl, an “out of the Box” bowl with a colored rim using gesso and interference paint. The next item was “Way out of the Box” using a discarded thin walled vessel from Deb, cutting a piece out, painting and stitching.

Gary Von Kunster
– a figured maple bowl with an elegant simple design. Obviously used to hold strawberries.

Glen Freisen
-Two Turned Goblets that Glen made as practice items to see if they would work for his high school students.

Richard Pratchler
– A Poplar bowl and a Yew Wood Bowl and an Elm vessel with bark inclusions incorporated into the wall.

Alex Downing
-Worked long hours at Deb’s to pierce and paint a section of a thin walled vessel taken from one of Deb’s rejects.  She used a theme of Victorian Steam Punk and meticulously pierced an intricate pattern and then painted it. The piece is call “Time Flies.”

Leo Fritz
-a West Coast Maple bowl with a beautiful pattern punctuated by a bifurcation of color giving two distinct tones to the wood.

Peter Christensen
-showed at pen blank made using a Japanese paper called Chiyogami. His wife is writing an article about this process scheduled for the August issue of the AAW magazine.

Earl Eidem
-Made a Beech bowl and then spent time with one of Deb’s “rejects” to create a vertical Windmill using split cardboard tubes, fabric, Paverpol and paint.

Colin Aldoffer
-Burl with natural edge used as a base to cast a beautiful blue resin on top and then turned it into a bowl.

Trent Watts
-Brought a “Prairie Codfish” made at Deb’s for a Newfoundland “Screeching in” Ceremony that Mel, our native Newfoundlander, had organized . You can see pictures of this hilarious event on Deb’s Turning Event by clicking HERE.

Paul Schroeder
-Paul brought a vase that he decorated at Deb’s that included piercing and painting as well as a painted rim bowl and a pen.

Jim Beebe
-made a Streptohedron. This is a challenging turning project to get all the dimensioins just right so the piece will magically roll along a surface. Jim also showed his simple and effective jig for positioning a vacuum hose for dust collection at the lathe.


After the coffee and visiting break Trent Watts did a demo on how to make captured rings.  He began with some fundamentals of tuning up a lathe and tool control.  He then showed a number of different ring tools and described how to make your own small one from a concrete nail.

Click HERE to view all the pictures in a larger format.

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