Meeting Monday April 15

Good Afternoon Turners
Please be reminded of Mondays meeting at the Persephone Theatre Shop. Our agenda will include:
1. A talk by Gord Munn regarding “Found Wood”. Tree salvage/harvesting, curing and drying techniques.
2. We received a proposal from Simon Hiatt a reporter/producer with Shaw Spotlight (formerly Shaw TV) in Saskatoon. Occasionally they receive specific assignments for  features and he has been tasked with creating a short documentary without any words, just visuals and sounds. As he thought about the assignment, he remembered shooting a profile piece several years ago with one of our members, who used a lathe to create a beautiful bowl. He is thinking it would be cool to do something like that once again but with multiple cameras, slow motion, etc. 
Let’s discuss this; I think it sounds like a fun project.
3. Please remember to bring your recent work to show and discuss.
4. We have gift cards from Lee Valley for the draw; please bring other items if you wish.
See you Monday
Paul SchroederPresident – Hub City Turners

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