October 2017 meeting.

Our meetings at Persephone theatre always provide an interesting sneak preview of the inner workings of the inspirations and creative solutions needed to build theatre sets. While not directly related to our woodturning interests there is always an opportunity to see what is ‘up next’ at Persephone. This month we were treated to a tour of the existing set, with explanations of the intricate workings of fly down partitions and working bathroom sinks that fold down into the floor.

Another most imaginative set for the upcoming show ‘Treasure Island’ was beyond complicated. I can hardly wait to see the finished ship and associated set. Here is a small mock up of the ultimate goal.

Thanks Roger for showing us these amazing theatre sets.

Thirty seven members and one guest attended the meeting.

Business items included a discussion about the Saskatchewan Craft Council’s potential involvement in our 2018 Turning Symposium, and setting up an educational fund for our members. More details will be presented at the next meeting.

Earl and Deb discussing the Symposium.

Twelve members brought items for Show and Tell.

Mel Genge

Brought ornaments for the Sask. Woodworkers Guild entry in the  ‘Festival of Trees’. These are ‘inside out’ turnings using Maple and what Mel calls ‘poor mans Ebony’ (Really it is Maple with a convincing coat of black leather dye.)

Cal Carter

Brought two items. His very interesting use of a Banksia Pod involved slicing pieces of the pod, gluing to Bubinga and turning a delightful container.

Cal’s second item involved a personal challenge to create a container using woods he had in his shop. The result is this Elm bowl with a Padauk lid.

Peter Christensen.

Peter showed us a beautiful pen he turned from a blank his wife makes. This one used feathers from a Ginuea Fowl.

Earl Garnette

Earl has been working on various designs to apply  to his bowls.  This lovely example is on Figured Maple.

Gord Munn

Gord brought a couple of pieces made from a delightfully beautiful example of Yellow Cedar burl. Gord was excited about the joy of turning this type of wood. Although it leaves a strong Yellow Cedar smell throughout the shop the results are stunning.

Deb McLeod

Deb showed us an example of her ‘Winged Vessels’ and gave an explanation of the process she uses to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat.

Michael Kurpjuweit

Michael’s contribution was a bowl made from a chunk of Marra wood obtained from Windsor Plywood. It is finished with Mineral Oil and Bees wax.

Jim Beebe

Jim has been a busy this summer making a number of unique and complicated turnings. His expertise is evident in a vase with two profiles giving a shadow effect, an inside out turning with six sides and a tree in the middle, and a complex segmented ball that was intent on trying to roll off the table.

Leo Fritz

Leo brought a trinket box made from Maple and Purple Heart with an Ebony finial. It turns out that this finial will not turn white if you scrape off the surface color. Not a ‘poor mans Ebony’…The real thing. Nice job Leo.

Duncan Birch

Duncan and his granddaughter Nadia were having fun in the woodshop when she glued up a couple of blocks of wood and thought it looked like a toothbrush.  Soon more imagination started flowing and a tooth brush and tube of paste came from the joint efforts of Duncan and Nadia. Great job of painting Nadia.


 Paul ended up with this beautiful piece of Manitoba Maple Burl from a trip out to Gordon Munn’s place. Paul did a great job of showing off the natural edge and bringing out the beauty in this piece.

Trent Watts

Trent showed a work in progress for the ‘topper’ on the SWG Festival of Trees. This is a piece of wet Birch turned to about 2mm. thick and pierced in star and tree patterns. Trent had to figure out how to make a holder for an LED chandelier bulb to light the interior.


Trent Watts did a demonstration on making a turned piece to put out in your garden.  This is a fun project that can be done quickly and teaches some useful fundamental skills when turning between centers.

Some examples of Trent’s projects that have been in the garden for a few years.

The meeting ended with the draw for door prizes.

If you want to see all the pictures in a slideshow you can click HERE.


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