Paddles, bowls, flying urchins and a falcon.

Duncan Birch sent me this account of  “The Paddle Story”

Recently Hub City Turners received an inquiry, to see if anyone was interested in making some miniature paddles for the Breast Cancer Survivors Dragon Boat Rowing team. Paul sent out an e-mail to our members with contact information. I contacted Susan, and after several responses back and forth she came over and took some samples for her club to view. They modified my idea of what a paddle looks like and came up with a drawing that more closely represented the paddles they use. They wanted seventy-five and she wanted to know the cost. As our club is involved with fund raising for Cancer Research, I boldly said I would do it for the price of the material. THEN…. I contacted fellow members of our club with a cry for “HELP.” I arranged with enough turners to get the job done and went out and purchased the material, Clear Pine, “same value as gold,” cut out the blanks, and presented them to my team who wasn’t sure what they had said yes to. The rest is history. Thanks to Mel, Trent, Paul and Jim for your efforts at getting me off the hook. As our club supports fund raising for Cancer Research, it has been suggested that perhaps our club could cover the cost of the material for a fellow club. This will require a vote at our next meeting.

Thanks Duncan for all your work on the paddles.

You know how all turners covet that Manitoba Maple with the brilliant red highlights? Well Earl Garnett scored a real gem from the back of Mike Hosaluk’s truck during the symposium. (Earl assures us that Mike knows!!) I scammed him out of the bowl with the offer to take a photo so I now can enjoy its rich colors until the next meeting.

Gary Von Kuster decided that since sea urchins spend so much of their life in the sea he would add a feather finial to help this one fly. The urchin hitched a ride in Mel Genge’s luggage when he returned from Newfoundland and Mel gave it to Gary to make and ornament.

I would say Gary should be careful with the flying urchin as it might be a meal for this falcon pen Gary has carved.

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