Shell Lake 2016

Turners from B.C. and Alberta joined many local Saskatchewan turners for a weekend gathering at the gazebo in Shell Lake Saskatchewan. In a number of cases spouses and other family members accompanied the turners.  Campers, tents, and motor homes of all sizes and shapes began arriving Thursday afternoon and by Friday noon had filled the grounds around the gazebo.

P6260074Well over a dozen lathes, hundreds of turning supplies, lights, electric cords, paints, finished products and confusion spilled out onto the cement and were soon corralled into a semblance of order by the attending turners.

IMG_1848-2It was a promising start for a weekend of fun, laughter, creating, learning, eating, making new friends and catching up with old ones. Spontaneous encounters often lead to moments of meaningful learning as one person would help another with a specific problem or suggestion on form and design.
P6240004Mel Genge had the foresight to arrange two demonstrations, open to all members of the public, for Saturday. At 10:00 Al Bakke showed the group how to core four bowls out of one large piece of recently cut local cherry wood. Using the OneWay Coring system Al expertly reduced the large solid chunk of cherry into four bowls ready for drying and eventual finishing. It was obvious Al had done this many times before. Deb McLeod was on deck for a therming demonstration at 1:00. She used the therming jig made by Elio Menis, our local ‘He can make anything guy’. Deb’s demo was peppered with good humor, excellent preparation, a meaningful audience engagement and an easy to follow step by step process to demystify the therming process. To top off the demo, Deb had prepared a table laden with finished pieces from her exploration into therming.

P6240001You can see some pictures and a couple of short videos of the event on a DropBox site.  If you do not have a DropBox account you do not have to get one to see the pictures. Just ignore the request to join and click on a picture for a slideshow.  Hit the ESC key when you are finished.  Click HERE for the DropBox.

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