Shell Lake 2017

Hi Everyone.. We had a most wonderful time at Shell Lake this weekend.   I was able to take a few pictures of the set up but not many of people turning.  Fortunately Cal Isaacson showed up on Saturday and sent me a copy of the pictures that he took of the event.  Thank you Cal.

I asked Duncan to tell us his version of events and he sent in this great account of our weekend.

On Thursday June 22 the wind blew. It was a cold and rainy day. Some of the brave members of Hub City Turners ventured to Shell Lake for our annual turning event. Did I mention the wind blew? Thursday saw most members set up and roll down the tarps for some protection. By the way it was windy. I saw white caps on stubble fields. When all were assembled, there were motorhomes, fifth wheels, tear drop trailers as well an A frame, a regular camper trailer and some very brave and trusting souls in tents. We are unsure if any tents with occupants blew away or not. Leo said he saw briefly, what he thought might be a tent going over his place at Big Shell but he said it was too high to tell for sure. It was certainly windy.

When all were assembled I counted thirteen lathes and a work station were Deb was creating another “thingy”. She certainly has a talent that we all envy in making “thingies”.

There were bowls created as well as hollow turnings. Some hollow turnings even had a hole big enough for another turner to inspect the inside. That shows confidence. Did I mention the wind? There were some interesting lidded boxes created. Anything that needed to be round was made round by some very talented people. There were a couple of people there from Alberta as well as many from closer to home with many smaller communities represented. Friday saw some members show up for a few hours for moral support and on Saturday we even had some carvers. The weather was a little more forgiving on Saturday but I think the big attraction that day was the cinnamon buns that the local museum cook up each year in their clay oven. That alone brings people back year after year. Eating is always a very important part of these events and this one was no exception. Many thanks to the people who provided and prepared the meals that were so appreciated. We even had people performing first aid. Thanks Deb and Sharon. There were some first timers there and all indications are that they will be back again.

All in all it was a weekend that I am sure everyone enjoyed and most of the attendants are planning to come back again for the buns and the camaraderie. Even with the wind everyone seemed to enjoy the entire weekend and look forward to the next one.

Duncan Birch.

You can check out the pictures HERE.

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