Some new work.

Four HCT members recently finished some projects for the “Gallery on the Green” and the Saskatchewan Woodworkers Guild upcoming wood show.

Duncan Birch made this great ‘square bowl’ with some bananas. They have not been tested to see if people find them as real as Gary Vonkuster’s licorice allsorts.

Mel Genge made this Maple bowl with a green rim. It is titled “Waiting for Grannie Smith” which gives a nod to Mel’s career as a grocery store manager. It will look good in the “Gallery on the Green” show.

Paul Schroeder turned this magnificent West Coast Maple bowl with some great figure showing in the grain.

Trent Watts made a windmill for the Sask. Wood Guild’s show in late May. The blades turn with an old rotisserie motor from Mel Genge’s barbecue. The globe is a piece of Ash turned thin to allow light to come through. ‘Saskatchewan Woodworkers Guild’ is carved around the axis of the globe and is illuminated from the LED bulb inside. The body of the windmill is made from 6 pieces of 2×8 spruce cut with a taper and angle to give the 6 sides. The brick look is created with a texturing tool, a wood burner to give the black lines and acrylic paint. When the ball enters the hole it falls into a chute and comes out the back.

Trent made the golf clubs from a bush of diamond Willow in Shane Hammer’s yard. The golf balls are turned from various woods and a piece of resin material made by Gary VonKuster.

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