Stormy Weather fun.

What is a good thing to do on a stormy winter Saturday? How about demonstrating the Rikon lathes out at Lee Valley? That is what some members of the Hub City Turners did, as well as, showing off  their work and promoting the club. Trent and Mel were whipping out spin tops at a great speed. Youngsters who came in with their parents got a free top. One lucky young customer got to try out a finger spinning top. Her father had bought a new gouge and Trent showed him how to sharpen it, as well as, letting his daughter help in the colouring of a spin top. Paul turned bottle stoppers and a pen while Peter wearing  protection gear turned one of Marla’s feather blanks. He also had a unique way of finishing the blanks using a metal punch and his buffing wheels. We enjoyed a wonderful Lee Valley lunch and had a lot of fun visiting with Lee Valley staff and customers and we never thought about the weather until we had to sweep off the vehicles to go home.

A big thank you to Gary for taking pictures and doing the write-up. Much appreciated Gary.

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