New Website Launch.

We are nearly ready to launch the new HubCityTurners website. The look will be more full screen and will work on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smart Phone. If you have any trouble connecting, browsing around or finding what you want please email Trent at: There will be a link on the main menu to go back to the old website if you want to look at something from that site.

Here is a screenshot of the main page to give you a taste of what is to come.

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Keeping in touch, August 1, 2020

There is a new video for you to check out on the Hub City Turners YouTube Channel.
Trent and Gary shot this a few weeks ago in response to some members wanting to know how to get started with a skew.

You can watch the video below or you can go to the YouTube Channel by clicking the button below.

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Keeping in touch, July 28, 2020

Two submissions and a request for turning services round out today’s keeping in touch:

Jeff Mansfield got back into his shop.
Mike Hosaluk has been busy roughing out bowls.
Doug Bornyk would like some spindles turned.

I haven’t been in the shop much lately, too many other things to do. I felt the urge today and decided to turn a ring. I included another ring I turned awhile ago for my wife. Not sure of the wood as I had ordered several different blanks. The one on the right I turned today. It is made from man made Turquoise and green glow in the dark powder.

Mike Hosaluk had excess Covid-19 energy that compelled him to work in his shop to think and make sense of the emotions that confused all of us in the early days of the pandemic lockdown. The work involved in producing this pile of bowls would suffice many of us for a lifetime but likely filled at least a week of time for Mike.

Never before have I seen a pile of bowls doing a dance.

Here is a sample of some finished bowls after drying. You can also spot a pair of Mike’s signature salad tongs in one of the bowls.

Hi:I’m wondering if anyone in your group has turned items for sale or are willing to turn a very basic Spindle from Walnut for a cake stand I am building? I don’t have a lathe or room in my shop.
I’ve attached a photo of the cake stand, and I need someone to turn a spindle I can integrate into the top and bottom.
Kind Regards
Doug Bornyk (

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