Dance with the Devil

The Mayor of Bedford Road (call him ‘Mel’ for the purpose of this story) was recently tapped for “A Dance with the Thumb Executioner”. In one of those moments of 20/20 hindsight a stray piece of wood was caught by a spinning saw blade and flung directly at Mel’s thumb. The ensuing few seconds included the usual ‘disbelief, shock, denial, pain and ultimate resignation of the need for medical treatment. As Duncan Birch explains – “These are the moments when new words are invented”.  After a few hours of emergency room triage our protagonist departs with stitches, bandages, drugs and the knowledge that a black thumbnail will eventually fall off and be replaced with a new albeit deformed nail and some scaring.

The real purpose of this story is to remind those that ‘make stuff’ that we are all subject to our own ‘Dance with the Danger Devil’. Do yourself a favour. Go to your shop and spend a few minutes (hours?) cleaning up and examining your potential for an accident waiting to happen. A big thank you to Mel for sharing this story with us to help everyone be safe in our shops.

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