Matisho 2019

Dates for this years event were March 22, 23, 24.

This year the Matisho Memorial Turn for Cancer Weekend was considerably scaled down. Glen Friesen, our fearless, energetic, leader for the last many years was ill for some time prior to the event and had to step back from the organizing. The event went ahead in a scaled down version. Here is a summary of the event from a blog post on March 27, 2019

Hello Everyone,

Well Matisho 2019 is over.  I would really like to thank Duncan, Mel and Trent for taking care of the bulk of the organizing this year.  While attendance was down, I thought that we did really well on the donation side of the event.  I think that with the people who donated on line to the Cancer Society, we are very close to the $2000.00 mark.  This is excellent considering there were only about 15 people in attendance.  Thanks to everyone who donated this year.  When the hat was passed around for a donation to Menno Industries, people were equally generous.  We raised $220.00 for them.  A big thank you to all who gave generously this year.
Glen Friesen.

Cal Isaacson from the Saskatchewan Woodworkers Guild is always reliable for pictures of an event. A big thank you to Cal for the following photos.