Symposium 2014


If you missed the symposium you can get a sense of what happened by reading below and clicking on links.

Letters of Thanks:

1. President Duncan Birch:

Thanks to all of the members who so graciously helped make our symposium the success that it was. A special thanks to Deb and Earl, who carried the bulk of the load. I know it was with trembling knees we took a chance and went ahead when the prospects of success looked less than appealing, however with eveyones help we pulled off a successful show.

2. Letter from Earl Eidem and Deb McLeod (Organizers Supreme!):

What a weekend of fellowship, learning and fun work.  For the past year we have wondered what this weekend would be like.  We struggled with the registration numbers but decided to band together and take a risk.  We were right to do so: the past 3 days were, in my opinion, a huge success.

We often heard about the days of old when families and friends banded together to raise a barn or dig a well.  We no longer have those needs, but we do have the need for communal work.  As a small club, we just completed a large job.  From the planning, to the set up and tear down we worked together almost without direction.  We knew what had to be done and simply went about our work to make sure the event was a success. It was from several points of view; we learned lots, we made money and we gained greater respect for our fellow club members as knowledgeable and hard working people.

Deb and I would like to thank you for your support and hard work in making Woodturning Symposium 2014 a wonderful success.

Earl Eidem


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