Keeping in Touch, April 14, 2020

Paul Schroeder and Al Jardine have submissions for today.

A. Paul Schroeder:
Another “covid” project. I was going through my various wood supplies, and found a  2 inch thick piece of elm. The Windsor price tag showed it as 2011 inventory. So I decided it most be “cured” by now. The piece just fits on my 16 inch lathe. Finished in Walnut Oil.

B. Get your creative hat on and join Al Jardine on a voyage of discovery with spinning wood and spraying paint. Go wild.

Just for Fun
Some times you just need to eliminate some scrap wood and other stuffs from the shop. Maybe you could recycle and have some fun being creative.
Like making YARD ART for example by using whatever leftover spray paints that still work, and scrap wood that is in the way.

1. Drill or turn a chuck mounting mortise, or use a face plate to mount the art piece (scrap wood).
2. Paint a background base color so as to cover all sides and front.
3. Protect your lathe with cardboard or other masking material.
4. Mount the blank on the lathe, turn the lathe on slow and spray the paint into the center of the spinning blank.
5. Increase speed to distribute the colors.
6. Repeat with multiple colors.
7. Leave to dry then display your Masterpiece on a fence or other prominent spot to be enjoyed by all.
By off setting the mount, your art can take on a different visual dimension.
You could also collage other misc scraps on top of the painted piece, after dismounting from the lathe of course.
Be sure to observe all safety rules.
Have fun and stay safe

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