Keeping in Touch, April 29, 2020

Two submissions round out today’s report.
A. The report from Snerk Central in Melfort by Al Jardine.
B. A ton (actually many tons) of work for Gordon Munn.

With the warm weather Snerks are showing and growing with no end in sight. I do hope the buggers don’t get much bigger. We’re seeing the evolution crossing over towards a domestic pet type species.
So far they have been friendly but still a bit shy. It appears they have developed very efficient hearing appendages, indicating possibly, a more prey than predator attitude.
Take extra precautions out there, now with the weather warming, the possibility of more sightings being reported could find us in a more strange and dangerous environment.

A fellow carver and her hubby were removing willows from their farm yard allowing free wood for this series to develop.

Stay well and have fun.

Gordon explains about this huge Manitoba Maple tree.

It measured 40 in. diameter at the base and the wood is in very good shape.  A crane lifted pieces of the tree over a house and set 11,000 lbs. on my trailer. Tomorrow (+) will be cutting it up.   Guess I’ll call it my Burl day:)

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