Keeping in touch, July 10, 2020

We have two items for today’s keeping in touch.
– Trent Watts and Gary Von Kuster produced a video on how to make a bowl from a chunk of tree. Included are instructions on how to use a deep fluted gouge.
– Rick Hounjet sent in pictures of two dyed bowls.

I was interested in trying to help members who wanted a class on how to use a deep fluted gouge. Because of Covid-19 it has not been possible to hold ‘hands on’ classes. I thought it might be useful to dust off the ‘Tree to Bowl’ class I have given at Lee Valley. Gary agreed to come over and do the camera work so I could prepare a video of the class. We put it on the HCT YouTube channel so you can check it out when you get a chance.

Rick Hounjet’s purple dyed Box Elder Burl with a Tung Oil Finish.

Rick’s second bowl is Box Elder as well. This one is dyed yellow and has some decorative burning.

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