Keeping in touch, July 24, 2020.

There are 4 different submissions for today’s keeping in touch.
– Mel Genge has a couple of trinket bowls.
– Duncan Birch has some memorial pendants.
– Leo Fritz has a segmented bowl.
– Bobbi Bates has some Lilac wood to give away.

These two trinket bowls came from the same Maple board that I got from a friend a couple of years ago. The spin tops give a sense of proportion.

These are memorial pendants people sometimes use after cremation, a small amount can be carried close to their heart. A few years ago I had a maple burl that I cut into pen blanks and then stabilized them with cactus juice and some dye. I still have some, and each pen blank will make two pendants. It’s a fun thing to do and doesn’t make much mess in the shop which is a plus. I’m also fortunate to have a market connection.

This Vase has a total of 333 pieces in it. The woods used are; Bloodwood, Purple heart, Maple, black veneer, birch veneer. The center piece of the 16 diamonds is acrylic pen blanks. I started work on this project in early April of this year and completed it on July 22 of this year. The Vase is 10.25 inches in diameter by 5.25 inches high.

Bobbi contacted us through Mel Genge.

I took these photos a couple of days ago. This is the wood is from the lilac tree that was cut down in my parents back yard. My dad‘s best friend used to be a wood turner and we know that he made some beautiful things out of Lilac and we were just wanting to see if anyone was interested in this wood. I will be cutting the limbs to about 2 foot pieces. They are 1 to 2 inches in diameter. The wood is free and I just wanted to know if someone wanted to make something out of this beautiful wood. My name is Bobbi and people can call me at 306-227-1290. If we don’t hear anything by August 1st, it will go into my dads burning pile.

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