Keeping in touch, July 27, 2020

We have a couple of submissions today.
Earl Eidem has an interesting set of lidded boxes and a bowl with a sparkle rim.
Paul Schroeder has a dyed bowl that comes with a great story.

This bowl is dyed and has a rim of sparkle fabric surrounding the top.

I really enjoy making boxes.  I enjoy the challenge of hitting the tolerance to make a snug fitting top.  So, when reviewing the AAW August 2019 edition and finding Benoit Averly’s work, it inspired me to make these three boxes.  I started with maple bat blanks and used of my new Foredom unit to remove the many divots.  My next project will be a double box made in a similar manner.


From Paul Schroeder:
This bowl was acquired as a bowl blank in August of 2016, while on our holiday to celebrate my first retirement. We were at the train hotel in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, and I wanted to go home with a bowl blank or piece of hardwood maple from Nova Scotia. A local craft shop assured me that only four to six miles down the road there was a woodturner right off the highway; he had well marked signage.
Off I went; I got to the next town, not having seen any signs. I was told that I had gone just a couple miles too far. Back I went, stopping in one or two miles, no signage. So I drove into a yard, and was told it was two driveways back. I drove in and found a shop, looked in the windows, lathes and bowls etc, were visible. No one answered the door. I was at my car when someone hollered, “can I help you”.
I told him that locals assured me of how well marked his place was. His reply , “I took my signs down two years ago. I no longer do direct sales, I only do craft sales.”
Long story short he had a bowl blank with some voids that he didn’t want to use. The bowl turned nicely. It is finished with about six coats of alternating yellow and blue aniline dye, all sanded back part way. It also has one separate coat of green aniline dye. It also has several coats of Wipe on Poly.
The bowl is 13 inches in diameter.
I’m glad I didn’t give up on the hunt for a bowl blank from Nova Scotia.


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