Keeping in Touch, June 24, 2020

We have two submissions today.
A. Stan Olson sent in this account of his experience with a Dental Drill setup.
B. Mel Genge sent in pictures of his setup for making rolling pins.

When I was down south this winter I went on Amazon and e-Bay and bought all the parts needed to assemble this unit. My total cost was 147.60 US $ and I have 2 dental drills plus extra hose and quick disconnect fittings.The cost included air filter and air regulator and 60 PSI gauge. I kept all invoices with part numbers which I would share to any one who may be interested. I only used it on thin plywood as I don’t have any thin walled items but it cut very well. I got most of the parts list from Glynn Cox from his letter “Piercing on the cheap”–Stan Olson

Mel’s setup:
This tool rest is 24 half inches long and made by Elio Menis.
The rolling pin 23 half inches long and made out of Cherry and finished with Butcher block oil.

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