Keeping in Touch, May 28, 2020

There is a lot to share today. Rick Hounjet, Al Jardine, Trent Watts, and Earl Eidem have all been busy and sent in pictures.

Rick sent in these two bowls.
I made this bowl for a 95 th. birthday. It is made out of Aspen Wood from my wood pile and finished with Tung oil.

I made another Aspen bowl and heavily scorched the outside. It was dyed green and blue and we call it dragon eye.

Al Jardine has spotted another Snerk.

Caught this little girl sneaking around a few blocks away from here on  Lendrum St. Melfort, after a short spring shower.
Normally shy nocturnal creatures, I think she was out exploring the fresh new fragrances, or possibly a new nesting opportunity.

Trent has finally finished a little free library for a friend. She wanted a french theme so this is supposed to represent a chateau. The only turned parts are the finial and the Tagua nut door knob. The box is made from plywood and painted to look like bricks. The hinges are made from Walnut and brass.

Earl sent in this lovely lidded box.

With little to do during our Covid lockdown, I was reviewing some American Woodturner magazines and came upon the article in the August 2019 edition highlighting the work of Benoit Averly.  I liked the simplicity of his turnings and carvings and thought that I could turn something similar to his boxes.  I turned this box from a maple baseball bat blank.  The finish is black stain overlaid with a clear lacquer spray.

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