Biography of Trent Watts


Woodworking has been a passion of mine since I was a small child. The warm, sensual nature of wood, it’s textures, colours and smell have always had an irresistible effect on me.

Typical of many prairie boys in the ’60’s, I grew up on a farm and was greatly influenced by my natural surroundings. Walking amongst prairie grasses, picking rocks and Saskatoon berries, watching migrating birds move with the changing seasons, riding horses and fixing fences, all had a profound effect on my early development.  Those early years and my life’s work as a veterinarian, combined with opportunities to work with many talented wood artists have all influenced the kind of objects I like to make.

In the late 1980’s when Barry Robson opened ‘Wood-N-Works many world class Wood Turners came through Saskatoon offering classes.  This was an extremely rich time for people interested in learning from talented people.  I was already interested in turning and soaked up every opportunity I could to learn more about this fascinating hobby.  I became involved in helping to organize the biennial Emma International Collaboration and spent many wonderful hours learning from a wide array of talented artists from all kinds of disciplines.

I enjoy making both functional and sculptural work, often using wood from locally harvested trees.  Much of my work has a sense of fun and is most successful when viewers see something that causes them to smile.

My wife and I have two grown children. Our son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren live really close to us. Those of you who love spending time with your grandchildren will appreciate how lucky we are to have ours so close. We also have a married daughter living in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Click HERE for pictures of Trent’s work.