The Life and Times of Duncan Birch


I was born at the Red Cross outpost at Carragana Sask . I grew up on a mixed farm in the Weekes district.  Schooling did not have a lot of interest to me, and the powers that be felt the whole education system would run so much smoother without me, that I left their hallowed halls at young age and went to work.

I started driving truck on road construction and after a few years and a marriage I bought my first truck. In Manitoba I was a partner in D&L Trucking. I sold my interest in that and bought land at Porcupine Plain. While there I got involved with my brother-in-law in a trenching excavating business. Later, I went on my own and continued the trenching business as well as farming and trucking for some time.

I also ran a cabinet shop for a few years. We sold out at Porcupine in 1985 and came to Saskatoon where I again returned to driving. Later I moved into the office where I was operation supervisor. Leaving there I enrolled at CDI and took computer maintenance that led to a job with Tri Comp Systems where I spent ten years. After retiring I went to work for Saskatoon Funeral Home as a part timer. In summer I maintain the grounds at the crematorium and that led to me getting licensed as a crematorium operator.  My wife and I have three children and five grandchildren.

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