Keeping in Touch, May 3, 2020

Just like the Covid-19 virus, the Snerk invasion seems unstoppable. Another one has shown up at Mel and Sharon Genge’s house.

From Mel:
This little fella made it into our house. How I don’t know, but as Sharon was going through her wool basket there he was. He looks like a bit of a clown with a few prehistoric  genes.

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Wood For Sale

HCT was recently contacted by Rocky from Half Hitch Woodworks in the Fraser Valley, B.C. Here is his message for our members.

Turning Blanks:
I am hoping for the opportunity to supply you with some wood that is otherwise hard to come by.  Through my work as a tree service provider, from time to time I come across various trees, logs or pieces of wood that are quite beautiful and merchantable.  Mostly, the wood would be from Big Leaf Maple, and would include burl, spalted, and heavily figured pieces, but other species exist here in the Fraser Valley and would also be somewhat obtainable, including English Walnut.  I have recently sold a pallet of turning blanks to members of the Edmonton woodturning guild and would be interested to know if there would be others who are looking for wood of this type.  The blanks I provided for them were somewhat random in length but vary anywhere in size from 6′ x 6′ x 12′ to 11′ x 11′ x 26′.  I grade them myself at either A, AA, or AAA with prices ranging from $8-$12.50 per board foot with my goal of an A grade being at least as figured as what would normally be sold in a commercial wood/lumber store and a AAA grade being heavily figured throughout the entirety of the blank.  I have included a few pictures for reference, both of the rough cut blanks as well as a couple projects started by members of the Edmonton guild. Please let me know if I can be of assistance with your projects.

Rocky Funk
Half Hitch Woodworks

Rocky also sent some pictures of four cutting boards that he has made.

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Keeping in Touch, April 30, 2020

Duncan Birch:
I may have discovered how the Snerks are getting to Saskatoon. These guys put ashore just before going over the weir.

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