March 7, 2019

A reader recently recommended a link for a large number of turning resources. Angie’s list includes many other link.  You can check it out  HERE.

If you have a suggestion for other resources please send info to :

Getting started in Woodworking.

Guide to Home Woodworking Projects
Woodworking Resources – For the Beginning Builder

Suppliers of Main Products

William Wood-Write

Oneway Lathes             Lee Valley Saskatoon       Packard Wood Works

Rikon Tools                   Wood Chuckers                 Penn State Industries

Kallen Shaan Woods    Langer Wood Craft            Canadian Woodworker

Wood Essence              Thompson Turning Tools    CBN Wheels (Toycen)

Bow River Specialty Woods           Vicmarc Lathes

Turning Clubs and Affiliated Organizations

AAW               Valley Turners

Saskatchewan Craft Council                      Society of Canadian Woodworkers

Chinook Woodturning Guild


Cindy Drozda sharpening             Robert Sorby ProEdge Sharpening system

Tormek Sharpening System         Tradesman Benchtop grinder.

Projects and ‘how to’ Resources:

Make a Tree Ornament         Finishing Information
Doctor’s Woodshop Finishes.

A box of money                     Del Stubbs Video (Old but good)

Bottle Stoppers                        Carving resource.

Raffin talks about Chucks     SS Niles Bottle stoppers (Line 97  for Gordon Munn’s gallery)

Negative Rake Scraping      Hope Threading Jig.

Magazines, Interviews, Vidoes:

Canadian Woodworking Magazine

Woodturning Magazine                           Max TV Interview with Mike Hosaluk

Wheelin’ 24/7                                            Jamie Russell (Canadian Quotes)

More Wood Turning Magazine      wind powered sawmill. Click HERE.

Artist Websites:

This website features Saskatoon artists that Trent Watts has had the opportunity to work with over the last few years.

Trent Watts Photography

Old Links here:

Canadian Woodworking Magazine has some pictures of work from our guild members in the last couple of issues.
Check out:

Saskatchewan Woodworker’s Guild 2014 Show.

Boxes in the slideshow of October/November Issue

Boxes in the magazine

Tom Thornton’s Woodworking

Wood Database: A great resource for wood identification.

Dowel Max: Great jig for accurate dowel joinery.