Symposium 2018 begins.

Plan, plan, plan and eventually the day arrives.  Here we are at the beginning of Hub City Turner’s 2018 Symposium held at Persephone Theatre in the heart of River Landing in Saskatoon. What a glorious environs to gather 80 plus people from all over Canada and the U.S.A.
Thanks to everyone for taking your precious time to attend this turning event.

We could not have wished for a more talented, compatible, and enthusiastic group of presenters for our Symposium. Thanks so much to Molly, Graeme, Melissa, Steven and Mike.

Our local volunteers started Thursday afternoon setting up sound and video, moving lathes, tables, chairs, and myriad of supplies into place.

A big thank you to all the vendors and sponsors who added so much to the Symposium.

It was such fun to stand and watch old friends meet and new friends begin to share information and ideas as people set up the silent auction and the instant gallery.

An instant gallery was available for participants that wanted to display their creations.

President Paul Schroeder welcomed everyone and the sessions began with the first round of presentations.


I will endeavour to capture some of the demos in photo essays over the next couple of days.
The first session that I attended was turning a lidded box with Steven Kennard. His attention to detail and high standards for final form and finish were evident throughout his presentation.  Thanks Steven for giving us some great tips on making lidded boxes. You can see the pictures from his demo HERE.

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