Symposium Demos.

Nine different demos, four presenters, one obsessed photographer and still lots of information not captured. I have prepared a visual essay on the demos I was able to attend. All of the information in these presentations is based on my memory and not on information provided by the instructors.  There will inevitably be errors in content and spelling, and omissions of important information, for which I am wholly responsible. If readers note errors please contact me at so I have an opportunity to correct mistakes.

Steven Kennard “Tear Drop Box”

Mike Hosaluk “Having Fun with Spindles”

Graeme Priddle and Melissa Engler “Ammonite Bowl”

Molly Winton “Pyrography Tips and Tricks and Branding”

Graeme and Melissa “Myriad of Surface Treatments”

Steven Kennard “Finishing and Embellishment”

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